Your Home strives to provide quality rental accommodation and has over the past few years built up a good reputation for looking after the homes we manage and treating our tenants fairly and with respect.  Our office is open 7 days a week to handle general queries and maintenance requests, whilst outside of office hours we have 24/7 contractors available to address emergency issues.

We require all tenants applying for property through ourselves to pass referencing with a good previous landlord history and where required provide a full time employed guarantor. When requesting a viewing for a rental property we will ask a few pre-qualifying questions simply to ensure that the property is suitable, with the main question relating to income.  Household income must be at least equal to 30 x monthly rental figure. e.g a house of £550pcm would require an income of £16,500 pa.  In circumstances where savings rather than earned income are being used to fund rent, we would require the full contract value to be paid upfront which in most cases would be 6 months at a time. By being clear from the outset, this helps avoid tenants wasting time viewing property that we could not accept them on.

Our fees;

Most agencies are asked by prospective tenants why they have to pay fees.  The answer will vary from company to company but in the case of Your Home, whilst our landlords pay for us to manage their property on a monthly basis from the rent paid while the tenant is living there, we provide many aspects of our services that are largely for both a tenant’s benefit as well as a landlord’s. Landlords do not cover the full cost of tenants viewing properties, referencing, dealing with tenant questions prior to the tenancy starting, drawing up contracts, lodging tenant deposits, providing tenant details to utility companies and local authorities, or checking tenants in and out. The cost of the staff and resource time and payments for third party companies must be contributed to by the tenant at the point of formal application in order to deliver an effective service.  To avoid tenants wasting money unnecessarily, we provide a pre-application form which allows tenants to provide general information such as income and employment status at no charge.  If a landlord opts to move forward with an application the charge for 1 person is £180 inc VAT and for 2 people it is £276 inc VAT. On properties we manage, the cost of an independent inventory is split 50/50 between the tenant and the landlord. The tenants share of this is £48 inc VAT and this is also paid at the point of referencing. If the information provided at application stage is found to be untrue by the referencing agency, only the cost of the inventory will be refunded and the tenancy will not proceed. If for whatever reason the landlord pulls out of a deal prior to signing of contracts, a full refund of fees would be provided to the tenant.