Best Times to Sell

The importance of realistically pricing property to sell

As we are all aware, the property market has faced much uncertainty over the past couple of years. We are no longer in a period where any house on the market, at practically any price, will almost certainly sell.

This is why it’s vital that each property is priced realistically and accurately. It does not mean selling a property at an undervalued price, it simply means that if you wish to sell your house then it must be priced correctly. Any agent can quote you high valuations and misguided figures, fix you into a long term contract and beat the price down over a period of months, but this is not how we work at Your Home.  Achieving the sale and seeing it through to the point of contract exchange is another matter all together and this is why it is key to have a trusted agency with highly experienced staff.  After all, if the house doesn’t sell, we don’t get paid!

When selling it is imperative that the valuation figure you receive is based on experience and knowledge of the area by highly trained local agents. A useful exercise would be to find out recent sold prices (not marketing prices) of comparable properties, just so you can get some realistic sale values in your head. The last thing that anyone wants is your property sat stagnating on the market for months with little interest because an agent overinflated its value, just to get your business.

Seasonal change influences house sales

As with many different markets, seasonal change greatly influences the selling of property. For instance, Spring is a good time to sell your house as this is the time when many people choose to purchase with a view to getting their children into new schools by September.  If you wish to capture these Spring home movers, you should be looking to put your house on the market by the end of February ready for an active period close to May and June. A Spring sale means that you have longer days to fill up your home with as many viewings as possible, with more natural light and in bloom gardens being an added advantage.

Another season ideal for selling your property is Autumn.  Putting your house on the market in early September means you will appeal to buyers hoping to move in before the Christmas period.  However, beware as the Autumn selling window is short and the best prospect for selling your home would be in the months of September and October because they offer enough time for the sale to complete before Christmas.

If you still end up searching for a buyer for your property after the Autumn selling window, then buyers will usually be in a stronger position, as post Christmas signals a traditional market slowdown.

In spite of all these factors it ultimately comes down to you when selling your home. If you are motivated and prepared to market your house correctly then selling your property becomes a much easier task. In the end, you are the determining factor.