Choosing an Agent

It is wise to get a valuation from up to 3 estate agencies.  These are usually free of charge and provide a good opportunity to learn a bit more about the company and what can be offered.  Each will have their own approach to marketing your property but all will most likely advertise in the same places.  Fees will usually range from 1-2% of the achieved sale price with many agents, including ourselves, having a minimum fee.  Our advice would be to reject any agency not open 7 days a week.  So much business is done on a Saturday and Sunday that there is no reason for an agency not to open.  To gain a better insight into the company potentially handling your biggest asset why not arrange a few viewings on some of the properties on their books to see how the process is dealt with, some key things to look out for are;

These few things should give an insight into how your property sale may be dealt with and will ultimately help in making the right decision.  If you would like to discuss our services in more detail please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our office on Silver Street.  As well as being open 7 days a week we’re also available until 6pm on weekdays.